Friday, 29 February 2008

Maximising your Daily Experience

How can you maximise your daily experiences as a writer?

Well first you need to have adventures - whether these are internal or external. Go inside yourself and consider things you have never been brave enough to consider before. Alternatively - go some where new today, or somewhere you have been before but look at everything as if you have never seen it before. If you can afford to travel away from your home town, then do - removing yourself from your comfort zone assists you to really see what is around you.

At the least though, look for things happening around you. What is just slightly strange? What stands out? Jot down at least ten things per day that you could write about.

Your 'could write about one day' list can then become a speech, part of a novel, an article, a workshop or a poem. Even if you don't write about them today ... you will end up with a notebook of ideas, rich and from your own experience.

Be in a space where ideas flow to you.

(c) Pamela Weatherill 2008

Saturday, 2 February 2008

Stair Stimulation

Visual stimulation for your creative selves ...
Poem, script, short story or monologue - the choice is yours. Include where the stairs start ... and where they end in your piece.

Have fun.

(c) Pamela Weatherill 2008